Cyclus Returnity nieuw

Returnity® is a 100% recyclable polyester fabric. The trademark is owned by the Austrian firm Backhausen, where the fabrics are made. Dutch aWEARness owns the exclusive European license for the use of Returnity® for work wear and fashion. Returnity®  is a suitable material for a closed loop production chain. After the garments have been worn out, they are collected. The garments are shredded into fibres, which are turned into new yarns through the process of melt spinning. Subsequently, the new yarns are woven into new Returnity® fabrics. The work wear can be recycled over and over again without any loss of quality. Returnity® starts a new life as a new, residue-free product. The cycle of usage proceeds without interruption.  It is a breathing, durable material, strong, comfortable to wear and fit for many kinds of coating. Moreover, it can be applied to a wide range of garments.


Prices will be determined based on the required performance (which includes coatings). Our prices are comparable to the market prices of ‘regular’ work wear.  Dutch aWEARness is very keen on transparency. The costs will always be clear to the clients, as through the circular track and trace system, you will have insight into the actual costs that are made in the circular supply chain.

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