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Three hundred years ago, the textile industry pioneered the mindset and technology that sparked the industrial revolution. The Spinning Jenny and the Jacquard enabled mass-production, automation and efficiency. Today, the textile industry is stuck in an outdated paradigm with unacceptable environmental and social consequences. The time has come for the textile industry to once again pioneer progress and reshape the way we do business. Circular economy is the path forward. If waste can be turned into resources, we live in abundance. The shift from linear to circular production is made possible by a shift from confusion to transparency, from products to solutions and from hierarchic structures to co-creative clusters. If revolution is possibility, co-creation is key. One company cannot change much, but a network of collaborating designers, brands, retailers, visionaries, developers, producers, activists and users can. This is your invitation to collaborate the next form of economy. If you want to be a part of the transformation, we want to join forces. Together we can reimagine the textile industry one solution at a time.

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DA Inside: Workwear

Dutch Awearness produces circular work clothes in partnership with Tricorp Workwear, Heigo, HAVEP, Uniform Brands (Orcon Workwear, Simon Jersey) and Alsico. Together, we make high visibility clothing, protective clothing (PPE) and regular workwear. Among our products are hi vis shirts, overalls, safety vests, work jackets and work uniforms. The circularity of the garments is guaranteed by the DA Inside brand, which you can find on the outer shell of the garments. The circular workwear can be bought via our resellers, which you can find below.

Circular Content Management System (CCMS)

CCMS has been designed to enable Dutch Awearness’ customers and partners to move from a linear supply chain to a circular economy. CCMS is an online tool providing integrated track and trace services. It enables the customer to see what materials have been used, who has manufactured the garment, and the impact of the garment’s production on the environment. CCMS is essential in the circular model to manage the return of the product to become a new material in the cycle.




Dutch Awearness produces specials (workwear we especially produce based on requests from clients) based on the principles of the circular economy. This means that the work clothes are designed for re-use and we recycle these to new workwear. Specials can be any kind of garment, including aprons, shirts, overalls, work pants or work trousers, soft shell jackets, safety jackets, etc. All garments are made from the fully recyclable fabric Infinity. With this fabric, we save nearly 100% of waste, 95% of water and 63% of CO2. All of the products are tracked by CCMS in order to guarantee the reuse of the materials. Are you one of the early adopters who dare to show their true color?




Sales to customers



Heigo delivers directly to the end-user. It offers a wide range of workwear, including casual workwear and reflective clothing. Heigo focuses on (semi-) public services, landscaping, land development and transport companies. For DA Inside, Heigo focuses on tenders.


Persu at Work

Persu at Work is the first reseller of the WearEver DA Inside suits and our preferred reseller for circular corporate clothing – business and office uniforms and hospitality clothing -, with the brand Dutch Awearness with DA Inside.


Intersafe Groeneveld

Intersafe Groeneveld is our reseller directly to customers with its brand Co-Created with DA Inside. Intersafe Groeneveld is another dealer for our circular safety workwear, including high visibility clothing and multi-norm workwear.



Wiltec delivers our Saved by Design collection directly to the end-users. The collection is a cooperation between Tricorp and Dutch Awearness. The items available are mainly high-visibility workwear, 100% circular. Wiltec also focuses on work clothes for tenders.


BAS Bedrijfskleding

BAS Bedrijfskleding is a total supplier for all business, work and promotional clothing. Whether you need a representative suit for a hotel, to work overalls for the construction industry, to catering wear for a restaurant, to custom made specials, BAS Bedrijfskleding has products for all sectors and an appropriate response to each question.



BTN protects from noise and injuries and all the other inconveniences, from head to toe. For more than 30 years, BTN offers various products for customers in civil engineering, waste treatment, industrial cleaning and (semi) government. It acts as a distribution channel of 70,000 BTN articles of leading parties in the industry.


Van Den IJssel

Van den IJssel Corporate clothing is a dynamic company located in IJsselstein. Here is a manufacturing space for printing and embroidery and a showroom. They specialize in printed and embroidered shirts, work clothes, safety footwear and personal protective equipment.



Lasaulec is reseller of various personal protective equipment, including multi-standard clothing, representative clothing and workwear.


Van Wijngaarden VeiligGoed

Van Wijngaarden VeiligGoed is a reliable, capable and flexible player in the field of workwear and personal protective equipment (PPE).


Suit Up

Suit Up is a company that sells contemporary clothing concepts. Suit Up serves sustainable corporate fashion and the suits from WearEver DA Inside.



Workwear that is part of your corporate image.
The Finnish company Touchpoint pays great attention to design and sustainability.



Proforto is the online store for workwear. Proforto ensures that you have the largest workwear and work boots assortment in Europe fast. LEARN MORE


VYLIG. offers a core range of workwear & PBM with a clear message: the suppliers of VYLIG. focus on clothing & PBM, which is man-made and environmentally-conscious, is produced and reused. VYLIG. offers the possibility to order sustainable PBM with one supplier.



Alsico has more than 80 years of experience in work clothes. We design and produce, so we have the full cycle in our own hands. Our guarantee for a controlled and flawless quality!


Kristels Fashion

Kristels Fashion aims to deliver quality business clothing at market-ready prices, in an environmentally sound manner, within an acceptable timeframe to its customers. All this with a customer-centered strategy (Customer Intimacy).



Company clothing must meet many requirements. As an entrepreneur, you want your staff to emit unity and professionalism, but the clothes must also be optimally adapted to working conditions. Herman de haan business clothing will suit your employees and help you make the right decisions


HKV Ochten

Since 1975, HKV Ochten stands for quality. In consultation, HKV Ochten makes unique custom work. Fully focused on the wishes and conditions of your company.
We even print the logos you want.



DESTIL is the supplier for construction and industry. With over 100.000 products under one roof. In our webshop you’re always at the right place at the right time. We’ll also be happy to help in one of our 39 stores across the Netherlands.
The business unit DESTIL Safety is specialized in personal protection, protective clothing and products meant for safety on and around the workplace.



We offer workwear with the ideal appearances and quality, which also look fashionable. Durable and comfortable clothing, with the functionality you need and the required protection in your working conditions. Always clean and available on time. We want the best for you, your fellows and the environment. This is why circularity and sustainability are crucial to us. You can find it everywhere in our services: Learn more


Sales to dealers



Tricorp sells to preferred resellers, with its brand Tricorp with DA Inside. Tricorp is our preferred production partner for circular high fish clothing, workwear and casual clothes. Tricorp’s production process is Fair Wear certified. Our joint circular products measures all necessary safety standards for workwear.


Latino Group

When clients desire customized circular multi-norm garments, such as reflective safety jackets that are anti-static and flame retardant, Latino Group from Portugal is the partner we call. Latino Group delivers to dealers with the brands Dutch Awearness by Prowork or ProWork with DA Inside. Latino Group is specialized in the manufacturing of uniforms for the militarized armed forces, technical clothing and healthcare clothing.


Jasmine Mode

Jasmine Mode in Tunisia produces our circular WearEver suits and the circular clothing from the brand Dutch Awearness by Jasmine Mode. Jasmine Mode produces men and womens workwear and hospitality and office uniforms that need a higher level of design. The company produces high quality clothing, essentially prêt-à-porter and work wear.


Orcon (Uniform Brands)

The circular DA Inside collection of Orcon is produced in its own factories in Tunisia. This quality where we stand for is ensured. The workwear excels in functionality, comfort, protection and durability.


Simon Jersey (Uniform Brands)

When you are looking for professional care clothing, representative clothing, barber clothing or workwear for beauticians then is Simon Jersey the right place for you. Simon’s workwear Jersey DA Inside is the perfect clothing to practice your profession.



Clothes can make or break your day. With HAVEP DA Inside you have comfort, security and personalized service at the highest level. That is quality and a good feeling. Go for it!


Concordia Textiles

Founded in 1925 Concordia Textiles has almost a century of expertise in textile manufacturing and finishing. As a completely vertical integrated textile manufacturer, we control the entire production flow, from sizing and warp beaming over weaving, dyeing, printing, finishing, coating and laminating fabrics.




Alsico has more than 80 years of experience in work clothes. We design and produce, so we have the full cycle in our own hands. Our guarantee for a controlled and flawless quality!



Rental to end users



Berendsen is a focused European textile, hygiene and safety solutions business with leading positions in most of the countries in which they operate.



The Dutch Circular Workwear Association

dutch circulair



WearEver DA Inside is a joint brand of Dutch Awearness and WearEver, in which we produce fully circular suits. The high quality suits are made of Infinity, a 100% reuseable polyester fabric that feels like wool. The suits are produced at Jasmine Mode in Tunisia and available for sale via Persu at Work.


References for DA Inside workwear


Ahoud (Painters)


ROC Nijmegen


Municipality of Breda


Van der Valk Hotel Utrecht/Houten


GEA Refrigeration


Dura Vermeer


Municipality of Gilze en Rijen


Municipality of Houten


Why we work circular


Rien Otto, the founder of Dutch Awearness, travelled to Africa in the early 90s for a human aid project. Here, he established some projects for farming and educational facilities. The land they had to use, was filled with textile waste from Europe. From that moment on, Rien Otto thought that it would never be possible to solve the problem in Africa, if we do not solve our Western problems such as dumping our textile waste in countries, such as Ethiopia and Tunisia. Working circular is also important because of shortages in raw materials, ecological disasters, and a growing world population. We believe that we need to treat our trash as treasures and start taking care of raw materials as resources. Hence, Dutch Awearness focuses on ecologically sound textile innovations, 100% recyclable materials and on controlling a circular value chain.

We believe that:
All products should be suitable for (re)use
All products should be made in fair trade and in partnerships
We should be responsible for our planet, people and the materials we use
20% is about the products, 80% about the process

According to a lifecycle analysis by EcoChain Technologies, this circular system saves us 20% in CO2 emissions and 50% in water usage, compared to cotton clothing.




Cliff is our circular answer to the tremendous amounts of waste that the linear economy generates. With Cliff, Dutch Awearness recycles used conventional textiles to new circular products. Cliff is an innovative, fully recyclable composite from used workwear and used plastics, from which we create, among other products, circular furniture and shore protection.

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