In Pursuit of Circular


Three hundred years ago, the textile industry pioneered the mindset and technology that sparked the industrial revolution. The Spinning Jenny and the Jacquard enabled mass-production, automation and efficiency. Today, the textile industry is stuck in an outdated paradigm with unacceptable environmental and social consequences. The time has come for the textile industry to once again pioneer progress and reshape the way we do business. Circular economy is the path forward. If waste can be turned into resources, we live in abundance. The shift from linear to circular production is made possible by a shift from confusion to transparency, from products to solutions and from hierarchic structures to co-creative clusters. If revolution is possibility, co-creation is key. One company cannot change much, but a network of collaborating designers, brands, retailers, visionaries, developers, producers, activists and users can. This is your invitation to collaborate the next form of economy. If you want to be a part of the transformation, we want to join forces. Together we can reimagine the textile industry one solution at a time.

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