As chain manager, we offer a full service model for the textile industry. We develop work wear and corporate wear that is designed to be reused and offer circular solutions for used workwear that cannot be recycled on the same level. So this entails developing eco-effective textile innovations and controlling circular textile supply chains.

One of these eco-effective innovations is DA Inside workwear from Infinity, the fabric of many lives. With our circular Infinity fabrics, we save 95% of water, 63% CO2 and we eliminate waste almost completely! Infinity fabrics are available for a wide range of types of work clothing and for different sectors These qualities are all made of 100% high-quality polyester with sufficient viscosity for recycling. The DA Inside clothing can be recycled up to eight cycles.

Of course, there is also a lot of other clothing that is not made from Infinity fabrics and therefore are not suitable for recycling at the same level. For this conventional clothing, the Cliff route starts. For Cliff products, the clothing is also picked-up at the end user after use, but then the clothing is processed into recyclable composites (made of used clothing and used plastics). The Cliff products can be ordered through our dealers or via our webshop:

As chain director, Dutch Awearness needs to know what materials are used in the chain and what their real-time location is in the chain. In order to re-use a product tomorrow, we should know how we made it today. Our tool to close the circular chains is CCMS. The Circular Content Management System (CCMS) is a circular track and trace system in which all partners in the supply chain are involved. Raw materials and products receive unique barcodes, so they can be followed through every stage of development, in order make the raw materials available for reuse. It is a database with information about materials, and includes a Life Cycle Analysis, a purchasing and inventory management tool and a track and trace system. More information can be found on