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Work wear (PPE)


Dutch aWEARness – Design for reincarnation is made with high quality materials following the circular economy principles. We are using 100% re-usable materials. With our work wear, we aim to stimulate businesses to be innovative and become more sustainable. The garments are designed and produced in such a way that they can actually be reverted to raw materials.

Our work wear fits practically every business sector. Because the garments are designed and produced to deliver the needed performance, it is adapted to your preferences the safety requirements of your branch and your corporate identity.

Among our workwear clients are engineers, construction workers, stewards, ambulance personnel and desk employees. Depending on your needs we develop safety worker pants, fleece jackets, polo shirts, vests, skirts and more. We can also offer polo shirts and sweaters. These garments cannot be made from Returnity, but will be made from cotton or any other desired fabric. These fabrics will be recycled into bioplastic materials after use. Dutch aWEARness remains the owner of the garments, after use the garments are recycled into a new garment (Returnity) or to a composite of fibres and bio-based plastics (Cliff).


Our efforts with Returnity® were rewarded with the support of the European Commission for our project EcoProFabrics. In EcoProFabrics, the first circular supply and production chain is brought to the market and validated by a number of sustainable early adopters in Europe. To celebrate the start of EcoProFabrics, we have put together the limited collection True Colors.

With True Colors we offer small and large organisations the opportunity to become acquainted with the circular economy and to literally wear their vision. Are you one of the early adopters that dares to show their true color? Then download this document and follow the instructions: True colors_ENGLISH