Cliff cycle English2

Cliff is our circular answer to the tremendous amounts of waste that the linear economy generates. With Cliff, Dutch aWEARness recycles post-consumer textiles that cannot be recycled on the same level (like cotton) to new bio-based products. Materials that are normally burned can now be used as bio based raw materials after use and reused for new composite materials.

Cliff is an innovative, recyclable plastic product from biomaterials in closed production, with low natural resource use and minimized waste generation.

After use the garments can be shredded and by adding another amount of PLA or fibres, a new eco-effective high quality raw material is created. Cliff has several practical applications and can be used in the textile industry (among other things, clothes hangers and coat racks), the furniture industry (bookcases, cupboards), the construction industry (among other things, walls and doors), the automotive industry (bumpers and dashboards), and in infrastructure (to create power cribs for rivers).