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Miscanthus & Milk Fibre

Dutch aWEARness has developed a range of materials that are designed for reincarnation. They are suitable for use in the circular economy. For materials that are not suitable for reuse on the same level, we have found a solution to reuse them as raw material in new industries. Together with our partners, we offer you a range of materials and solutions to close the loop.


Miscanthus is a new fully recyclable man-made cellulose fibre, based on Miscanthus grass.

The material:

  • has very limited impact on the environment
  • is easy to grow in a variety of climates
  • can be recycled over and over again
  • can be used for PLA, biofuel, briquettes, livestock and construction materials


Milk fibre

We also develop garments made from protein that is generated from milk, named “casein”. Because of the heat, the molecules can connect to create fibres that can be spun into a yarn. You need six liters of milk for one garment.