Reverse logistics

From trash to treasure





Dutch Awearness and its partners take responsibility for the products they make. This also means that, with the help of our supply chain partners, we take back all products we supply after use and process them into new raw materials and products. All our materials and products are designed for reuse at the highest possible product and quality level. We also ensure that the chain is controlled through the Circular Content Management System, so that the materials are actually reused in new products. It is now time to realize the transition to a circular economy, because raw materials (such as water for cotton and oil for polyester) are becoming increasingly difficult to obtain and entail a huge environmental burden. For this reason, it is necessary to keep the raw materials in the chain as long as possible, so that the materials retain their value and no new resources need to be obtained. By taking back all these materials, by sorting them and by processing them into new products, a raw materials bank is created, which is owned by the chain partners with whom Dutch Awearness works. The Dutch Awearness chain partners therefore also have the first right to use the materials and products in the raw material bank.

The raw materials (clothing, plastics, etc.) are collected from you after use. Dutch Awearness places a collection tool, such as our big bags, at your site. The big bags are for sale at Dutch Awearness. If these are full, you can report this via [email protected]. We will then ensure that the products are picked up quickly. Your used work clothing and personal protective equipment will be processed after the pick-up to other products. Based on the composition of the products, we make a choice about the routing that the product should follow after use. The products we can make from your raw materials are shown below. We will always opt for the most high-quality recycling option, so we prefer to make new clothes again from the used products, unless this is technically not feasible. An alternative recycling method will then be chosen. After we receive an order from you to collect and process products into new materials, the products are identified by us, sorted further (to prevent mixing of material flows) and recycled.

We offer 5 different services:

  • DA Inside clothing (application after use: new work clothing)
  • Current polyester clothing (application after use: new work clothing or Cliff products (textile and plastic composites))
  • Conventional clothing (non-circular clothing, such as clothing from blends, application after use: Cliff products)
  • Soft plastics (application: for use in Cliff products)
  • Hard plastics, such as glasses, helmets and other personal protective equipment (application: new plastic products).