We deliver work wear and corporate wear to companies that share our sustainable vision. We develop work wear products that are designed for reincarnation. The Infinity (100% polyester) products are suitable for use in the circular economy. For the materials that are not suitable for reuse on the same level, we have found a solution to reuse them as raw materials in new industries. These products, consisting of textile fibres and PLA, are called Cliff.

Workwear: DA Inside

Dutch Awearness produces circular work wear in partnership with Tricorp Workwear and Heigo. Together, we produce high visibility clothing and protective clothing for workers that work in demanding environments. Specials are made in cooperation with production companies Latino Group in Portugal and Jasmine Mode in Tunisia. With specials, we offer circular work wear that is fully tailored to the needs of the clients, and can be certified according to the standards that are needed for their work activities. The re-use of the garments and the tracking of the garments by our circular track and trace system CCMS is guaranteed by the brand DA Inside, which you can find on the outer shell of the garments. Buy our circular workwear via Tricorp, Heigo and Intersafe Groeneveld

Corporate wear: WearEver

WearEver is our brand for fully circular suits. The look and feel of suits made from Infinity fabric is similar to a woolen suit. We have chosen a higher level of design than usual in the work wear industry: the suits are fitted and customers can opt for a special lining or other various personalized features. As we are convinced that waste is unnecessary, at the end of their term use the suits are to be returned in the circular production loop as the starting point of a new generation textile. Buy our WearEver suits via Persu at Work.

Healthcare clothing: DA Health

DA Health focuses on the creation of fully reusuable garments in the healthcare sector. DA Health is a subsidiary company of Dutch Awearness. All its products, including medical gowns, surgery outfits and nursery uniforms, are performance based and designed for the circular economy. All products, made from 100% polyester, are tracked and traced with CCMS. DA Health also acts as chain manager for other healthcare brands.