Welcome to Dutch aWEARness

We deliver work wear and corporate wear to companies that are environmentally aware and share our sustainable vision. We believe in Design for Reincarnation, so all our products are fully suitable for reuse.

We are the pioneer and frontrunner in circular chain management for the textile industry.

Dutch aWEARness acts as a circular chain director in the textile industry, with the help of our own circular track and trace system. The track and trace system manages the chain, locates the garments and ensures that garments that are no longer wanted can be returned and recycled in the circular economy. We guarantee that only circular materials are used, the order is managed in our circular chain and tracked and traced in our track and trace system, and that the garments are recycled after use. We always strive to achieve the highest level in this respect, therefore we continue to look for new circular materials. Our material polyester-based Infinity can be used to create new garments after use. A new research project is Grass for Growth, in which we grow Miscanthus grass in South Africa, in order to create a new raw material for textiles. Together with our consortium partners, we have closed the circular supply chain:

Circular chain


If you would like to order circular safety work wear, please visit the websites of our preferred suppliers and partners Intersafe Groeneveld (safety clothing/PPE) and Circuwear (general workwear and Infinity clothing).

If you are interested in purchasing corporate wear, hospitality or healthcare clothing, please visit the website of our partner WearEver.