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Cliff is our circular answer to the miraculous amounts of waste that the linear economy generates. With Cliff, Dutch Awearness recycles textiles to new circular products. Cliff is an innovative, fully recyclable composite made from 48% used workwear, 48% used plastics, and some magic.





Cliff replaces virgin natural fibers (like wood) with post- and pre-consumer clothing fibers. Materials are now used as raw materials for new composite materials. It also eliminates the need for new raw materials for plastics, such as oil. The waste of natural materials (such as cotton and wool), which are not recyclable into new garments, are used to create Cliff.

The range of circular Cliff products that is extensive. The items are available from the website or via our resellers. The collection includes, among other applications, the following products:



  • power cribs for rivers
  • furniture
  • office supplies
  • trays
  • picnic tables
  • construction materials

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