Sustainable materials

All our garments are produced with recyclable materials. Each fibre can be re-used infinitely, which makes your garment good for people and planet.

Returnity is the first environmental friendly, Cradle to Cradle certified and fully recyclable ready for market product. Returnity is developed to generate direct turnover. It is also the driver for two other future products, Cliff (Bioplastics) and Miscanthus (Grass) to be rolled out by Dutch aWEARness.

In cooperation with Greenspan, a producer of bio-composite granulates for injection moulding applications, Dutch aWEARness is developing a compounded pellet or granule consisting of shredded textiles combined with bio based or biodegradable polymers. This product uses the waste generated from textiles that is rarely reused and can revolutionize the use of waste, contributing to the circular economy with the applications made possible by the use of recyclable biopolymers.

The third new sustainable material that is currently in development stage is Miscanthus, a new fully recyclable manmade cellulose fibre, based on Miscanthus grass. Compared to conventional fibres, this material has only a very limited impact on the environment. Another significant advantage is that the grass is easy to grow in a variety of climates, which makes it omnipresent. Hence, it serves as a reliable raw material for the present and the for the future, and countries can be more self-supporting. The applicability of this new material is very diverse. It could be used for textiles in the fashion market, however, it can also be applied in the car, window decoration and furniture industry.